Why we are

Health Insurance Professional Education

Health Care is one of the most important part of each of our lifelong missions.  There are many ways which we as Americans finance our healthcare, through taxes, insurance premiums, tax-based savings plans and just out of our pockets.  Our job is to best prepare the Professionals who seek to assist California Consumers to be the best, most ethical, and most prepared to do the job.  Our education , designation, and our scholar programs are designed to take the heath care finance professional from college to the pinnacle of the profession by making them the best educated to protect the consumers they represent..

Consumer Engagement

There has been a lack of clear information about health care in the for consumers - most believe that they can simply rely on the government or their employer to direct them in the right place.  But we believe a smart consumer is the best advocate for themselves.  So we are working hard to provide quality, accurate and timely information to California Consumers in an easily digestible way.

Health Care Finance Knowledge

One of the great mysteries of the world seems to be the why and how Health Care is funded in the US.  We want to be a place where people can go for quality information about the funding of health care, the impact of various legislation on the business of delivering and financing health care, and the possible solutions and costs of various proposals which are being discussed - in other words a reservoir of sanity in the politicized world of Health Care delivery.